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How to Get Free Xbox 360 Games
In view of the astronomical cost of Xbox games in stores and malls, desperate gamers are turning to all sorts of methods to obtain free Xbox 360 games.

In the first place, one can readily understand why Xbox fans turn to wild and woolly methods of getting their hands on free games. After all, the Xbox itself is a costly item, and then the purchase of game after game ends up being a drain on the wallet.

One trick that many gamers use is to perform a modification or “mod” to their Xbox. This is undoubtedly a risky procedure, since it will invalidate the warranty on the Xbox. However, arguably, once the warranty has expired, it could be a worthwhile course of action to take as it opens up the possibility of game copying. But don’t forget that games are copyrighted items and you should not copy them as you will be breaking the law.

Another possibility involves a more cautious approach, but the benefit is that it is strictly legal. This is to sign up on rewards sites on the internet in order to generate credits to pay for free Xbox 360 games. While it is true this will involve some expense in earning the vital credits, the outlay will fall far short of the sky high prices of games at the mall. It may also require some patience in finding a site that truly suits your needs, but overall this is probably the safest way of obtaining free Xbox 360 games.
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